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The start of German language classes (13/03)

On Monday, we started the German language classes at H_da, this is everyday from 9 am to 12pm. Our German teacher Frau Mira introduced herself and she mainly spoke in German asking us questions and the class would respond back in German.

Frau Mira had cue cards with different questions such as Was haben Sie ans Kind nicht gern gegasssen? Wie lange hast du schon studiert? First we would answer these questions individually in front of the whole class and then she would give us a cue card each and we would buddy up with someone else in the class to ask each other questions and respond to them in German. After this, we would write the questions down and write answers for these questions in German.

Sometimes it is quite funny as we would mix in English words that we did not know how to say and hoping that this would sound German or have the same meaning.

It really helps that that Frau Mira encourages us to talk alot in German and then put this to paper as this also helps me to practice speaking in German with the correct prononciation and sentence structure, word order and the correct articles that should be used with the correct propositions and tense.

For example if we prononce a word wrong or the sentence structure is mixed up, Frau Mira would repeat the correct pronounciation in German and as a class we would re-read the word or sentence.

Some useful tips that Frau Mira had discussed with us was that we must practice and put in effort in what we learn and to use German in everyday situations, speaking loud and clearly in class and that we should get a feel of how German words sound and is prononced rather than trying to understand every word can help us pick up German more efficiently and above all to let mistakes happen and learn from them.

For the next few days, we carried out more speaking excercises that were similar to above and this helped me to practice the German sentence structure, prononciation and practice German grammatik.

Some of the things that we had covered during the past few days were: 

-Forming sentences in the perfect tense 

-Regular and irregular verbs in the perfect tense

-Accusative and Dative verbs and propositions

-Personal pronouns in the nominative, accusative and dative cases

Examples of what we did in class:


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